Looking Forward to the Close

I'm getting quite near the finish line on the first draft of Mythos. It's an exciting time in every writer's life, especially mine. Everything I've spent the last months of my life working on -- the story that was itching to jump out of my imagination and onto the page -- is about to be fully realized.

Some of what I've written is brilliant, sure, especially if I do say so myself. Being a first draft, the content is dubious, however, and I fully recognize that there's a whole lot of stuff that will serve as nothing more than the fertilizer (read: crap) to be revised.

So as I close in on the end, I'm looking forward to setting the manuscript aside for a few weeks, maybe four. During that time, I'm going to focus on querying The Children of Midian, my MG fantasy adventure. The query is just about where it needs to be now, having received feedback from folks in the publishing/agenting biz. I'm putting it up on the YALitChat Query Kick-around group next week for one more look see. The synopsis needs some work, too, as does my target list of agents. I really need to do some more research and make sure I've got just the right folks picked out. There's already a short list floating around on my computer. It just needs some more fleshing out and expanding.

I am excited!!! To the point of three exclamation points. That's serious excitement, my friends. This'll be my last post until next week, as I'm heading down to Washington D.C. for a little tourist-y R&R.

Before I go, here's an interesting contest at Oz-Stravaganza for those folks who can't get enough of The Wizard of Oz. And a contest near and dear to my heart - the Dear Lucky Agent contest over at Guide to Literary Agents featuring Regina Brooks. The top 3 winners all get: 1) A critique of 10 pages of your work, by your agent judge. 2) A free one-year subscription to WritersMarket.com.


Dawn Embers said...

This is a great blog post. I'm at the end of my current WIP first draft. Have less than 2.5 chapters left to write and mixed feelings are occurring over the fact.

I think you have a good outlook on the draft and what needs to be done. Good luck to you on the finish and the query of the other book. And enjoy the break from the novel.

Jay said...

Oh, Dawn. It's just such a great feeling when you shut your computer after finishing that first draft, knowing you just completed what so many people never can or do.

Sure, there's work to be done, but savor the moment!

Annie McMahon said...

Congrats!! Quite an accomplishment, writing a whole novel. As a famous tortoise once said, "Slow and steady wins the race!" The keyword here is steady. Many people give up before reaching the finish line, but you didn't!

That "Lucky Agent Contest" sounds interesting. I'll look into it. Thanks for letting me know!

Jay said...

Slow and steady. That's me to a tee!