Five by Seven - Likes and Truths

Big ol' thanks to Annie for the awesome Circle of Friends award, and another heap of gratitude to Harley for the From Me to You award.

With the Circle of Friends award, I have to announce what five things I love to do. Annie, you made it look easy. Let's figure out something not so embarrassing, shall we?

1. I love to go to the movies and watch every single trailer!
2. I love to watch my New York J - E - T - S (Jets, Jets, Jets).
3. I love to talk about the world of Harry Potter.
4. I love to have good friends over for a barbeque (or really, it's more of a grill up here in the North).
5. I love to fiddle around with electronic gadgets - the "he's got a new toy" syndrome.

With the From Me To You award, I have to admit to seven truths. Wait a minute, Harley. I can't makes stuff up? Sheesh. All right, here goes.

1. I was a disc jockey on my college radio station, working the overnight shift at first. Those folks working the overnight shift at the Frito Lay plant were the only callers, but boy, could I play anything I wanted!

2. I've had dogs named Reggie (childhood pooch - English Springer Spaniel), Delilah (later childhood pooch - mutt), Whimper (Border Collie, but he was really my brother's dog who stayed with us for 6 months), Daisy (fawn pug), Libby Lu (beagle), and the infamous little black pug named Tinkerbell who is presently snoring on the couch.

3. I loved horror movies growing up, and had a subscription to Fangoria magazine. The dude loved the gore. I saw An American Werewolf in London three times in the movies.

4. My first computer was an Atari 800 in 1981 (?) It came with Atari Basic and a cassette drive from which I loaded some of my favorite games like Temple of Apshai and Crush, Crumble and Chomp! I wrote my first piece of software, Grok, a game where you moved a caveman around a grid with a joystick, picking up bits of food as it made crunching noises.

5. I attended Hofstra University for one year before transferring to the State University of New York at Binghamton. I majored in Management/MIS (computers) instead of Computer Science because I hated/stunk at science. I took several courses in theater, and would have minored in it had SUNY Binghamton offered the option.

6. I had just flown into Boston's Logan Airport from Newark Airport the morning of September 11, 2001, when the first flight headed for the World Trade Center took off. They evacuated all of Boston's financial district that day, and we had to rent a car from a Ford Dealer 45 minutes west of Boston so that we could drive home to New Jersey that night.

7. I am a child of the 1980's, and watched when MTV went on the air, playing the Buggles', Video Killed the Radio Star. Enjoy!

Now to pass along these awards.

From me to you goes to
The curious Jo Treggiari
The very English Kurt Chambers
The awesome Mireyah Wolfe who probably has every award known to human kind. (and mythical kind as well)
The funtastic Kristan Hoffman

Circle of Friends goes to
The Montanian Shannon O'Donnell
The fabulous and brilliant Rachel
The one and only Ashelynn Sanford


Kristan said...

Aww, i'm funtastic?! Really? {sniff sniff}

7 truths, huh? (Wow, to your #6, btw.)

1. My eyes hurt.

2. I'm getting fat. Related: I want/need to start running again. Related: I am too tired to start today.

3. I'm done whining now!

4. My parents own a small commercial printshop, and I've always helped out, pretty much since I had any semblance of hand-eye coordination (like age 3?). I think having to pitch in to the family business made me a better person.

5. I really wanted to be published before I graduated college. Now I really want to be published before I turn 30. (Agented by 25 - 8 months left!)

6. I kind of like to sleep on my back and snore. But it keeps other people up, so I try not to.

7. Even though I say I've come to terms with it, I still have mixed feelings about certain people that I've let walk out of my life.

Annie McMahon said...

Haha!! I guess we're from the same era. I haven't heard that song in ages!

I also studied computers in the 1980s. I remember floppy (very floppy) disks, Basic programming, and dot matrix printers. Boy, times have changed! Makes me feel old.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Jay, you are tool! Thanks. I'm honored to be a part of your circle of friends. :-)

Harley D. Palmer said...

Okay, so I'm not from that era really, but absolutely LOVE that song! *goes to play it on repeat now* I'm a child of the 90's and I can't thin of any great songs from that time. I just love 80's music - esp the 80's hair bands! *plays air guitar*

I like to watch all the trailers in the theaters too - but only in the theaters. I won't watch them at home when I'm playing a DVD of VHS.

Jay said...

Kristan - awesome 7 truths!

Annie - you and me, dude. Floppy disks! I bought a 5 1/4 inch hard drive for that Atari 800 to bring to college. The beast weighed as much as my dog!

Shannon - :-)

Harley - re: trailers only in the theaters... RIGHT? I feel gypped if I don't get the requisite number of trailers, too. :-)

Mary Campbell said...

Congrats on all the awards - great to get to know you better. I use to love that song. That was in the days when MTV still played videos.

Jay said...

Thanks, Mary. You remember those days? Martha Quinn? JJ Jackson? Nina Blackwood? Love that song.