The A in 2010 to the Q in 2009

Happy New Year, everyone!  And as promised, here are the answers to the remaining questions that came in during 2009. Thanks to everyone who participated. I truly appreciate the questions and the opportunity to share a bit of me through the answers.

Mireyah’s questions
Q) What is your favorite music to write to? (Presuming that you write to music.)
A) There is no one artist and the type of music varies from Rock (current and classic), 80’s music, Broadway soundtracks, you name it.

Q) What is your favorite position to write in? IE: sitting at a desk, laying on a bed, reclining, etc.
A) Sitting at a desk

Q) What is your favorite deadly animal?
A) The rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail or the Black Mamba

Q) What is your favorite non-deadly animal other than a pug?
A) Who says pugs aren’t deadly? Fox.

Q) What is your favorite electronic device other than the computer?

Q) What is your favorite snack and drink when writing?
A) Coffee and cookie/brownie.

Q) What is your favorite mythological creature other than the griffin?
A) Kraken. But, it’s hard to write in their POV.

Q) What is your favorite social network?
A) Twitter

Ralene’s questions
Q) Who is your favorite character that YOU have written?
A) Zydeco Caschan from Mythos

Q) Who is your favorite character someone else has written?
A) You mean besides Harry Potter? Ender Wiggin (Orson Scott Card)

Q) Where is your favorite place in the world?
A) Kanapali Beach on the island of Maui. I’ve been there once on my honeymoon.

Q) What is your favorite number?
A) Thirteen (I was thinking seven)

Q) What is your favorite New Year's memory?
A) We were married for only a year or two, living in an apartment in Fairfield, CT. Friends from college stayed with us. We went out to dinner and this retro dance club. We bought our first television as a married couple on New Year’s Day.

Kurt’s questions
Q) Who would you like to be stranded on a desert island with? Just 1 person.
A) The professor from Gilligan’s Island. He’d have full electricity, plumbing, satellite TV, wi-fi, and a MacBook all by piecing together some vines and coconuts within a week.

Q) My all time favourite (sorry to be boring...lol...) If you had 1 wish what would it be?
A) That the world was a safe place for my kids.

Q) Where in the world would you want to live the most?
A) I haven’t found that place, but it would have San Francisco’s climate, New York’s culture, and a nice view of the ocean.

Q) If you could change the past, would you do anything different?
A) I would have started writing much earlier in life.

Q) If you could have any one thing in the world what would it be?
A) Happiness.

Dawn’s question
Q) Who is your hero and why?
A) Jeez, Dawn. Why don’t you throw me an electrified steel ball with sharp spikes pointing out from every direction? LOL. I haven’t had a single hero that has impressed me all my life. However, of late I’ve been thinking Jo Rowling. Why? Watch JK Rowling: A Year in the Life. It’s not the rags-to-riches aspect that impresses me. It’s more her character. She had a difficult childhood, a difficult early adulthood. She overcame depression and adversity and decided she just wanted to write, thinking that the worst that could happen was that she’d be rejected by every publisher in Britain.

Now then, I'm to pass along the Favorite Gnome Approved Blog award. Seeing as how a major portion of it is Harry Potter related, I had to think long and hard on who's prepared to answer the Infamous Harry Potter questions. So, Frankie, this one's for you. I know you'll do us proud!


Annie McMahon said...

LOL!! The Professor from Gilligan's Island. I would have never thought, but it makes sense. He's one smart guy! I'm sure you'd get along with him. :D

Jay said...

It's funny. As I was typing the professor, some part of me was thinking, why not Ginger or Mary Ann? And who's doing the fishing?

Anonymous said...

My gut reaction is always seven for a magic number. I listen to 80's music when I write as well. I love these random questions/answers.