It's Thursday and I fell off the writing chair

Today was one of those days that just sucked the ever-lovin' creative juices from my heart and soul. I stayed up late last night writing and reading, then got home from work today and read some more. I just finished The Boy Who Dared, which my son pointed out he read in eight grade. It's really a good book - historical fiction of a kid growing up in Nazi Germany. I'll post my review on goodreads in the next day or so. For some reason I like these kinds of book. Milkweed was also excellent, and not just because Jerry Spinelli autographed my copy.

Thursday night's are busy. I posted my blog entry for Frankie's blog, which you won't see until Friday morning. It's about setting: when you write it and how much you write. Mireyah posted a really interesting entry there today about whether certain slang is considered "okay". Frankie and I have both posted our comments. I'm interested to see everyone's thoughts. The other entree on the Thursday night menu is scheduling out my FollowFriday tweets, because I don't "tweet" while at work. Apart from the fact that they block twitter and other social networking sites at work, I'm not getting paid to mess about on twitter. What else? Oh, yes. Fringe!!!

And I haven't written a darn thing on Mythos today, although yesterday was super-dee-duper productive. Hey, speaking of super-dee-duper, is Barney still alive?

Okay, time to watch Fringe.

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