This blog has relocated to... here?

Just dropping a quick note to all the folks who follow the strange musings I post up here on the blog. The blog's location has changed. I've moved from http://thefaultybrain.blogspot.com to http://jayeckert.blogspot.com.

I made the change for a number of reasons, not the least of which was to make the blog a wee bit more google-able by name. Hmm. Google-able. Sounds like a word. Heck, if "Doh!" is now in the dictionary...

Anyway, the old faultybrain location still exists, but it will redirect you right here.


Annie McMahon said...

Does that mean you don't have a faulty brain anymore? You're cured? Haha!

Jay said...

Technically, no. It's as faulty as ever. :-)