The Superior Scribbler

I'm pretty sure I owe Mireyah any and all followers I've got on this here blog o' mine. She's gone and given me a couple of them new fangled blog awards! I really like the most recent award, especially because the image you see here on the left (unless you're on a Blackberry or something) is about what I look like when I'm writing with a manual implement of scribbling. Okay, the dude has more hair, and his tongue isn't sticking out, and I generally sit at a keyboard, but still. That's how I imagine myself.

Mireyah - all kinds of thank you's. You've no idea. As Shakespeare said, "With great power comes great responsibility." And even if it was Spiderman's Uncle who really said that, the point is, I need to pass on this Superior Scribbler award to five blogs have I quite enjoyed recently.

Here they are, in all their crowning glory. 

Dutch Hill News - Annie McMahon's got such a positive outlook, and y'know what? She lives in the Garden State, too.

Brooklyn Arden - Cheryl Klein's blog and tweets are always interesting. Her talks on writing are fabulous as well. I've followed her ever since she spoke at SCBWI NJ a couple years ago.

Help! I Need a Publisher! - I can't tell you how many writing/publishing/editing tips I've picked up on Nicola Morgan's fantastic blog.

Jo Treggiari/Feltus Ovalton - Jo's blog is chock full of interesting stuff, and she's constantly tweeting equally interesting bits about writing & publishing. And I'm still waiting to hear her fabulous news!!!

The Spectacle - I've been following these ladies' blog for months now. The six writers know how to put together constantly engaging discussions about books and writing, most of which leave me itching with something to say.


Tamara Hart Heiner said...

good for you, Jay! You deserve it!

Annie McMahon said...

I almost fell off my chair when I saw you mentioned my blog in your post. Thanks!! What a pleasant surprise!

Jay, I always meant to ask you... Does your pug really sits on your foot when you write? lol

The guy on the award does look like you, except for the stripy shirt. And the goggly eyes. And the hair. Other than that, he looks exactly like you!

Jo said...

Hey Jay,
thanks so much for the award. I really appreciate it especially as it's the 2nd time I've received it in less than a month. Love you guys!
I'd love to give your cool blog a mention on my blog.And I will!

Jo said...

PS- I still have to keep quiet about my wonderful news but hope to make an announcement after the holidays. I'm about to burst!

Jay said...

Annie - She doesn't plop on my foot quite as much while I'm writing now. Instead, she lurches up to my knee, making all sorts of obscene pug noises, which involves grunting, snorting and other forms of general bitching until I lift her to my lap.

Jay said...

Thanks, Jo! I can't wait to hear the news. I'm super excited for you, whatever it is. *winks*