Random notes on Independence Day

It's July 4th, so not much to write today. Random thoughts then:

The smell is still here. yechhh. I plugged in the air purifier we had stored away in the basement. No water stains or mold spots anywhere. Whatever is dead in the walls - will it finish decomposing already? By the way, google "smells like something died in here" - the number of hits is HUGE.

Queried Jessica Regel last night for Midian. I ran out of time before I could pitch to her at BEA. Fingers and toes crossed.

Really interesting post by Cheryl Klein on her blog. She's thinking of self publishing a collection of her various talks (I've read most of them - they're really good). She gives some really interesting and valid reasons for self publishing the book, despite the fact that she's a well known editor working at a well known house. You might say one of the reasons she's going to self publish is because of her editorial skills. Anyway, what I found most interesting was the use of kickstarter as a means to gauge interest for publishing. I recommend checking it out.

Happy 4th of July to all my U.S. based friends and family! To those in the U.K. - I love Neil Gaiman's tweet last night - "We Made The Colonies Independent and Let Them Spell Colour, Axe and Aluminium with Missing Letters Day."


Anonymous said...

Happy Fourth, Jay!! And I *love* the Gaiman quote! *rofl*

Jay said...

Thanks, Mireyah. I chuckled at the quote... thought it was... *funny*. :-)