Why did it have to be a series?

Last night, I finished reading Alexander Gordon Smith's dark and harrowing Escape From Furnace. And maybe I should have known, especially since it's right there in the YA section, but as I closed in on the last few pages and came to the realization this was a TO BE CONTINUED deal, I was less than thrilled. It was a good less than thrilled, because I'll be right there when the second book, Solitary, comes out later this year in the U.S. By the way, check out the unbelievably cool Furnace web site.

Actually, this was like James Dashner's, The Maze Runner all over again. I must be a moron, but I had no idea when I picked up that book that it would be a series. I only wish I had an effing clue when I started reading.

Man, am I dense. It's always the same thing. As I reach the final couple chapters, I start to wonder how on earth (or under earth in the case of Furnace) the author is going to resolve everything. Then, I hit the last chapter and with each page, I get that sinking feeling, until.... WHAT???? You're leaving me here? No no no no NO! Harumph. Arms crossed, feet stomping, I solemnly swear to never let it happen again.

But it does. I guess some of these series books stand alone better than others. Hunger Games and Catching Fire had complex, major plot-lines to resolve, and did so in each case. Sure, there is still a major story arc and character conflicts to deal with, but I know that's part of the series and will be resolved in the end. I came away from each of these two books satisfied. The same can be said for each of the Percy Jackson books. So far so good on the Bartimaeus trilogy. Christopher Golden's Veil trilogy worked well, too, almost like the Lord of the Rings, actually.

But these two. Maze Runner and Escape From Furnace. I love these books and the authors, but they are Lucy Van Pelt and I am Charlie Brown trying to kick the darn football. ARGH!!!!!

I can't wait for both sequels!


Annie McMahon said...

It's almost as bad as reading half a classic novel and then notice it's the condensed version. *roll eyes* Now I have a choice between re-reading the whole thing, or be satisfied with that condensed thing I started reading.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

I did the same thing w/ Maze Runner! That was the only down side to it!

Jay said...

Condenses! Yikes.

And I think I read Escape from Furnace because you once mentioned it, T. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have been starting sequels, but never finishing them. I've read many first books, but fail to read the second and third installments. They're on my wish list, so I hope to get to them.