As ever, I'm remiss in accepting and doling out blog awards. I'm catching up right now. First off, there's this spring-like Sunshine Award, courtesy of Harley. Her blog is really great for writers - check it out. Thanks, Harley!

I'm going to hand this out to some rays of sunshine.

Mary, who is eminently awardable.
Shannon, who seems to have every imaginable award, but not this one!
Rachel, because this will get her to update her blog more frequently.
Kristan, because her words raise flowers skyward.

Then, there's this way cool blogger buddie award from the eminently awardable, Mary. Love this pic. I hereby award this to my bestest buddies and big toes:

Mireyah - yeah, I can pronounce you now!!!

Pass 'em along, peeps!


Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh, you actually DID find one that I haven't gotten before! LOL XD Thanks darlin'!

Kristan said...

"because her words raise flowers skyward"

Wow. That's one of the most beautiful things anyone has said about me. {warmfuzzy} Thank you!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Yay! Congrats on your awards, Jay. And thanks so much for thinking of me. The sunshine award is so pretty!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

Oh Jay! Love you! what a great friend you are!

Annie McMahon said...

Thanks, Jay! I love it when I casually read someone's blog and find my name in there. :D

Ralene said...

Aw...you're the best blogger buddie--buddy!hehehe... Thank you for the award!

Mary Campbell said...

Thank you so much for this award - I really appreciate it. The sunshine award love it and I don't think I have it yet.

Emailman said...

Thank you for the award, Jay. You're an awesome buddie :)