The Long Running Apex

I've been a bit quieter than normal on the sharpened pen. Every day this week I've been working on Mythos, either writing, scribbling notes, daydreaming, or having arguments with myself. On one or more occasion I've mentioned that writing pure action scenes is difficult for me. I need dialog to keep things moving. People need to say stuff about what's going on around them. I'm no big talker - okay, well, get me going on something I care about and I don't shut up so easy - but engaging me in the first place is a challenge. I'm also not accomplished at kicking off conversations because my mind is always wandering. I do not shmooze.

Yet, I need the rhythm of conversation in the chapters I write, otherwise I'm as uncomfortable as the family potbelly pet at a pig roast. (Yeah, I went a long way for that one.)

Here's the deal. Mythos reaches a fairly substantial climax, followed by a denouement you will count in paragraphs. I'm probably midway through that climax.

Hey you, stop that snickering!

As I was saying before the juvenile in you (and me, actually) interrupted, I'm halfway through the big, humongous, all encompassing, incredibly complicated, hard-to-choreograph, super-important, page-turning capstone of the book. It's a whopper! And I don't mean it's incredibly impressive, although I sure hope it is. No, what I'm saying is this sucker is huge. It's really a long, long scene. It's chapter-spanning. Holy mackerel, it's taking a lot of words to get it done.

So, that's why I'm not up here blogging that much, or up on twitter, tweeting, or visiting everyone's blogs, commenting. The good news is that when this apogee of apogees is behind me, there'll only be a couple of paragraphs I need with which to conclude the book, and then I'm done with the first draft. Then I can go back to publicly making a fool of myself instead of doing so only before family and friends.

Oh, and the picture has nothing to do with this post. I just quite enjoy it. And in case you wanted to know, Tinkerbell was not served the steak we were grilling that night.

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