An update to the agent and publisher list

Many of you may know I maintain a substantial list of Young Adult and Middle Grade publishers and literary agents. It's been over two years since I started updating it. The list started out as something I did for myself - a place to capture all the potential agents or editors I might query. Over time, I opened up the list to the cool folks of the Young Adult Novel Workshop over at writing.com, and then to the rest of the writing.com community. Maybe a year ago, I opened it up to everyone, and much to my surprise, the thing's become reasonably popular.

Fire up google and type "middle grade publishers". Today it comes up second in the search results. "YA agents"? third, or maybe second, if you consider the first two sites are presented in a hierarchy. What's pretty cool is that I really haven't tried to make it easily found, so it's been organic in nature.

I try to keep the content fresh, often checking that the links still work and that the agents and publishers are still in business. I'm not paid for putting anyone on the list. In fact, here's the "caveat emptor" I stick at the top of the list:

Publishers and agents appear on this list because I found them in any number of relevant places: WritersMarket, Publisher's Marketplace, conferences, word-of-mouth, etc. I have only done some basic checking on each of these folks in sources such as Predators & Editors and AbsoluteWrite. Things change rapidly, so before you consider or contact anyone on this list, please do your own research.

If you see anyone on this list that you feel is disreputable, please contact me through my blog
(That's this place)

Going forward, I'll post some information whenever I make any updates to the list, which I did today.

Publishers added
Lands Atlantic Publishing
Action Publishing
Silver Moon Press

Literary Agents added
Levine Greenberg Literary Agency
DeFiore and Company
Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises

Sadly, Jenny Rappaport has given up on the agenting biz, so I've dropped her from the list. I also dropped a couple other links and fixed some others.

I hope this helps all you authors in search of a YA or Middle Grade agent or publisher.

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