I've been waiting since Sunday night for today

It's Friday night. I've been waiting five days for this moment. I'm tired. But this was a good writing week. I finished off another chapter of Mythos. I blogged here and on Frankie's site about living in a book. I've got a cup of QuickCheck coffee, so after I run over to my daughter's school to pick her up from dress rehearsal, I may get some writing done. Coffee is of course, the prerequisite for any good writing. At least for me.

On the bummer side of the house, Writer's Digest won't be at the 2010 BEA conference in NYC this year. I was planning on having Mythos written and through a second and third draft before the conference in May, at which time I'd be a participant in the pitch slam. Well, that's all up in smoke. I need a new deadline motivation technique. Conferences work for me. Maybe I'll check out the NJ SCBWI 2010 conference. It's probably time I join the SCBWI as well.

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