Promoting Tips for Writers

Dawné Dominique has posted an absolutely fantastic list of promotion tips for writers. This is almost as comprehensive as you can get and I can't stop gushing over how helpful the thing is. Now Dawné's blog is for the eighteen and older crowd as she's got a bit of mischief going on there. *wink* and *nod*  I'm posting her link, because she deserves full credit for this incredible work. If you are under eighteen, or have an aversion to vampires and half naked cowboys, I've also got a link to Frankie's blog, where she reposted Dawne's set of tips (with Dawne's permission of course).

For the eighteen and older crowd (you know who you are).

Everyone else can check it out here.

Thank you, Dawné!

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Dawné Dominique said...

Why thank you so much, Jay. *blushes* I'm so glad it was helpful! Hopefully one day soon you'll be needing it.

Hugs and smiles,