My brain is addled today

Random thoughts for the day.

Why do I keep watching Speed Racer on HBO? It must be the pretty colors.

What does appendicitis feel like? I could have sworn it was that, but I'm relieved it's not. Not a fan of scalpels.

Why does the pug keep flopping onto her back and across my laptop demanding attention? It's rude, right? No, it's not cute. Get off the dang laptop, Tink! You're collar is tttttttttyping.

Is Christina Ricci's hair a wig in Speed Racer? It has to be, right? Oh, and she's from New Jersey. Speaking of which, Rutgers is ranked again.Go, Scarlet Knights!

I thought that Michael Jackson naming one of his kids "Blanket" was a joke on that South Park Episode. Then I saw the name in a magazine at the doctor's office. Now I feel bad.

I've just finished writing the blog entry for Frankie (it's scheduled to post Friday morning) on the mechanics of writing. Don't follow the link until at least Friday. Maybe I'll come back here tomorrow and update the link to point directly to the post. It's a good post, I think. Maybe I ought to post writing/publishing tips here as well. Eh. We'll see.

Rachel (the ten year old) plays guitar really well, and she only started this summer. She's written a song to perform during Thanksgiving and it's really really good. I mean, really. Her guitar teacher came by this week and couldn't believe it, and he's been educated on songwriting. He's also the elementary school music teacher AND he told my wife he knows people in the publishing business and wants to talk to me. Perhaps I will work from home during her next lesson.

The Maze Runner is pretty cool so far.

Do I really want to read that new Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy book by Eoin Colfer?

Glee is good and Fringe is weird. And neither is mutually exclusive. Case in point. I am good and weird.

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