The Maze Runner - Review

I recently finished reading The Maze Runner, by James Dashner and I've put a version of this very review up on goodreads, but figured I'd throw it up here as well.

Let me say this up front. I liked the plot and will probably read the second book in the series. The relationships seemed a bit forced at times, and the extremely slow manner in which information is revealed to the main character and the reader is a bit annoying.

On to the details.

The Maze Runner is a book that starts with the main character, Thomas, having lost his memory and not knowing where he is or who any of the kids around him are. He's in a community of self ruled kids, called Gladers, who live in, you guessed it, the Glade. The glade is this place with a house/homestead, the slammer, cemetery, etc, and is surrounded on all sides by the maze. Each Glader also has a job to do - quite sensible.

Thomas is generally irritated because it seems like everything is a great big secret. I shared that feeling with him and quickly became annoyed that he and I were in the dark. Once he learns some of the simple truths, I began to wonder, why was revealing that information so painful?

In any case, stuff happens, secrets are revealed, and bits of memory come back. The characters are definitely colorful and often fun to read. I sort of cared about them - sort of. Thomas develops a relationship with Chuck - the younger kid who shows him around and befriends him. I won't ruin it, but there is a development with Chuck that presumes we believe that Thomas is emotionally invested in the younger boy. I didn't buy it. Thomas is only in the Glade for a number of days, so it was hard for me to believe.

Alright, I've complained enough. The plot itself is quite engaging and I never once considered abandoning the book. The end was a series of twists and turns that still left me wanting a bit more. So despite my earlier misgivings, the book succeeded for me.

Now for the CYA - I wasn't paid for this lame review nor was I encouraged to write it. I grabbed the book (the unabridged CD's actually) on my own account because it had some buzz. My fourteen-year-old son now has the actual book and is about to read it, too.

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