Honest Scrap Award

Well, it sure took me long enough to make mention that my most awesome pal down in Loooosiana, Mireyah Wolfe, gave me an Honest Scrap Award something like two weeks ago!!!! Man, am I lousy and a serious procrastinator. But, it's really a privilege to know Mireyah -- check out her cool blog -- and all you wonderful writers out there, and I will be forever in your debt, especially you folks at the YA forum on WDC. (You know who you are.)

So, let me pass this swell award on to some other great blogs.

1. Chasing Dreams
2. Medeia Sharif
3. Jennifer Murgia
4. The Spectacle
5. Jo Treggiari/Feltus Ovalton


Tamara Hart Heiner said...

Thanks, Jay! That's totally awesome of you!

So give us an update! How's the query life going? What's happening? Did you finish Catching Fire and I missed the post?

Anonymous said...

Aw, you're gonna make me blush....keep going! LOL =D *mwah*

Jennifer Murgia said...

Great blog Jay! And thanks for the nomination.

Jo said...

Wow, Jay, thank you! Totally unexpected and really cool.

Anonymous said...

I just logged in. Thanks for your comment and your nomination. Congrats on your award.

Jay said...

Tamara - you are so very welcome. :-) You found my Catching Fire review, I see. The query life is going slowly now -- querying The Children of Midian just a bit, and have since postponed work on its sequel, while focusing almost exclusively on Mythos. I like my query quite a lot now, but like all things in life, patience in abundance is a requirement. :-)