Mythos Revision Update

An update to the Mythos revision process. a new checkmark goes to step #2 of the Decrap-ification round. Tomorrow night, we move on to step #3.

Revision Round #1 - Decrap-ification (in progress)
  1. Kill some recycled trees and print the first draft.
  2. Read it and take copious notes all over the page.
  3. Make all the changes from step #2. 
I've taken loads of notes and have given myself a lot of work to do. This includes a small epilogue as well. I'm really excited about this, however, because I love revising. The hard part - giving birth to the story and characters - is done. Now I've got to groom the unruly little beast.

As a side note, I'm debating whether to combine step #3 of this revision round with Revision Round #2 - Incorporating feedback. That's where I take all the critiques I've received so far and make those changes as well. I've got mixed feelings. Combining will actually make round #2 easier, because the critiques are based on the first draft. The critiques won't always sync up with a revised draft. On the other hand, I need to give my own concerns priority over my critique partners.

Procrastination on this decision sounds like a good idea.


Tamara Hart Heiner said...

I'm so with you. I'd much rather revise than write. Giving birth is hard, dang it!

My personal opinion is to fix it with what you think needs to be fixed first. Then go through w/ the critiques. Half of them won't even apply, and you can skip them. Your revisions are usually going to be more spot on than others, at least the first time around.

Jay said...

And you would know!!! LOL As I revised the first chapter last night, I came to the same exact realization.