Queries, Space Missions and Angry Birds

During a short breather in my MBA program, I got to thinking about Urban Mythos again. I have about five queries and one submission outstanding on it. The sub is several months old at this point, and I sent a courtesy eMail checking in a month ago. The queries occurred about two plus months ago. The question is, do I wait, or do I start querying again? I fear I won't make a decision before the lull ends ... tomorrow. Maybe in between courses.

Time is precious as I close in on the last two weeks of this leadership course. I just finished my primary contribution to a paper detailing the leadership strengths of the primary characters in the film Apollo 13. I wound up writing about Jim Lovell, the commander of Apollo 13, portrayed by Tom Hanks. I really would have liked to do Gene Kranz, the director of ground control portrayed by Ed Harris, because that guy seriously knew how to lead. "We've never lost an American in space. We sure as hell aren't going to lose one on my watch." And then the absolutely pervasive line, "Failure is not an option." Sure, Lovell said, "Houston, we have a problem," but still.

I have another paper to do in the next week or two. Two? Man, I hope it's two. It's a big paper. Who signed me up for this again? Thank goodness for my Nook Color. I've loaded a ton of required reading in PDF format onto the e-reader so I can take the material anywhere. Did I mention that I bought Angry Birds for the Nook? Yep. The most recent software update for the Nook brought a newer version of the Android O/S, and access to a ton of apps. The downside is I can't seem to pry the Nook out of my wife's hands. She's a bit hooked on Angry Birds.


Annie McMahon said...

Oh, good, you're still breathing! ;) I was starting to wonder. I hope all these classes and papers and angry birds don't drain you too much.

We miss you on the forum!

Jay said...

I am like a ghost there. But you never know... one of these days I may go all poltergeist on the YA forum. You'll know I'm around!

Shameful Shill said...

Hey Jay. Have you ever considered self-publishing Urban Mythos like Amanda Hocking did? You might sell it for 99c and build up a fan base for the sequel. Just a thought.

I just did something similar and it was a liberating feeling. Not having to wait for someone else's approval, you know?

Jay said...

I have thought about it, and was beginning to lean that way. But I assume a proper copy edit is in order--I've edited the heck out of the thing, but I'm no copyeditor. That's some $$$ I'm not in a position at the moment to fork over!