Getting past the exhaustion

Sometimes, you get home from work and feel like a walking zombie. You just want to sit on the couch, rest your head on your hand and close your eyes. Or if you're a little black pug, maybe you want to rest your head on your fluffy and squeaky multi-colored, fairly slobbered and dirty looking plush toy.

Either way, you need to make yourself a cup of caffeine laced drink of choice, grab a slice of sugar infused pastry of choice, and get writing. This is where I am. 

Some time later, I did manage to churn out about 800 words. It's all about getting through it. And having caffeine and sugar to help.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get past the exhaustion.

Happy writing.

Jay said...

It's never easy, but worth it. How much coffee or tea can one person drink, after all?

Louisa said...

Haha I finally get to see your pug. Next time can you post a pic with your pug wearing the smart look (lip caught on tooth goofy look)?