Revision Time!!!!

Revision Angst

I was planning on spending some time with Elliot and the rest of the Children of Midian, polishing it up based on some recent agent advice, and then querying. However, after a long week away from Mythos, I've made the executive decision to return to the Knucklehead City. *snorts*

Knucklehead City, you say? When I began to write Mythos, I had absolutely nothing in mind for a title, so I figured, let's just throw a working title up there on the first page, you know, for chuckles. And the working title was Creatures of Knucklehead City. Or, Creatures for short. It wound up as Mythos much later on.

In any case, I printed the manuscript yesterday - double-spaced, double-sided - loads of recycled paper. And last night, while listening to a combination of fawning over Simon Cowell and numerous performances on American Idol, I started reading. I made it one and a half pages in, before completely re-sequencing the opening paragraphs. So I guess I can say I'm now in revision mode.

Wicked cool. Can't wait till I'm done.


Dawn Embers said...

That is a great cartoon for the topic. Good luck to you in the revisions.

I haven't printed any out. It seems like a lot of pages to print on a home printer. I need to after the rewrite but still am a bit weary of the task.

Jay said...

Hey Dawn - It FEELS like a lot of paper, and while I could edit online, I'm much better off just reading and scribbling notes. Guaranteed I'd fix right away it if I were in MS word. :-)

Simon C. Larter said...

Excellent, good sir! Good luck on your revisions.