Prospecting for lunar tang

Friday morning, my kids and I sat in the kitchen watching the live news coverage of mankind's latest lunar adventure. "We're bombing the moon!" shouted my son. Yeah, we launched some kind of kinetic missile at one of the moon's poles to see if we could, y'know, blow it up some. Our hopes were high that the projectile would hit the the man in the moon smack dab in the eye, thus causing him to sneeze all kinds of lunar boogers. That's technical terminology for causing some kind of dust and rock plume.

It didn't happen, though, and Matt Lauer was disappointed.

The space program has given us many wonderful things over the years, like velcro, dippin' dots and of course, tang. I figured if this whole thing worked out, we could thank them for a whole new way of digging residential wells. Heck, we were prospecting for water, right?

Don't get me wrong. I love NASA. My dad was one of the Grumman engineers who designed the lunar rover - his signature is up there on the rover even now. He also had a great sense of humor, and I think he'd laugh like hell at this video on FunnyOrDie.com.


Ralene said...

How cool is that about your dad! We--uh--shot something at the moon? One thing about not paying attention to the news is sometimes you miss the cool stuff!

Jay said...

Totally, Ralene! Where ya been?

Anonymous said...

So funny--"we're bombing the moon!"

Parker P

Jay said...

And like many 14 year olds, he wouldn't stop saying it! It was pretty darn funny, though.

Ralene said...

Been no where. As a military spouse, it's a choice. I don't watch the news. Habit I got into while hubby was deployed, chose not to get back into it when I realized how depressing it usually is. I get my news from the Yahoo homepage highlights...must not have been on much on Friday. :)