Countdown to the mouse

I'm taking the family down to the promised land this Saturday. Yes, Walt Disney World. Work is hectic and stressful enough to warrant time away with a bunch of the fictional characters of my youth. And much as I love South Park, Mickey does NOT use profanity. At least not in front of the guests.

It's going to be hot as Hades. But it's the end of August in Florida, so what would one expect? The day after we get back, my son starts High School. *shudders at age* But, the beauty of going at the end of August is that much of the country has gone back to school already, so the lines won't be too long. This is a good thing, because in the sweltering heat, long lines = bad temper. It's a race to get into the next air conditioned ride or show!

We're flying this time, having driven the 2000 miles down the last couple of times, so it'll be quite the fast trip. On the other hand, maybe the airport irritation will remind me why we drive. I swear that Disney World is my kids' birth right. My son and daughter have visited nearly once for every year of their lives. I think one year, we went to California for a wedding and another year we went to Universal Studios, although we did hit Disney one night that trip. Basically, we're lazy as hell when it comes to vacation planning. We go where we know, and we know the mouse house.

I'd never been to Disney until I graduated high school, after which my folks took me down... on Eastern Airlines! This was also my first time on an airplane. Walter Cronkite was the voice in Spaceship Earth over at Epcot Center. It later became Robin Williams (I think), other names, and has since been completely rejiggered to modern-ness.

So what does this all mean to writing? A recent extremely positive rejection under my belt, I soldier on trying to get The Children of Midian published. The sequel - Return to Midian - is also done. The third book in that series - Abeo - is part way done, but I set it aside to focus on the next book and subject of my Birth of a Novel blog series. However, I'm stuck in the middle of chapter five, so unless I figure out where to take the chapter next, the blog series may not get updated before I head south. Or maybe I will, and explain why I'm stuck! Yeah, that's the ticket. I'd buy that for a dollar.

Okay - time to watch Warehouse 13 on the DVR!

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