What's that smell?

What a perfectly fine way to introduce myself. I'm sitting at the computer in the spare bedroom, which, in case you were interested (heck if I know why you'd be) serves as guest room, office, extra TV room, and the place where my daughter practices singing. And for three days I've been asking myself the same question. What's that smell? Mind you, the kids have been asking me that too.

It smells like something died in here. Thanks to my daughter's sharp sense of smell, we've narrowed the astonishingly horrid odor to a corner of the room, most particularly to the baseboard in said corner. Flashlight in hand, I stared around the innards of the metal beast, as well as the carpet all around, and no luck. Nothing's wet. No dead mouse or squirrel. Although, I'd honestly expected to find the rotting corpse of a moose there given the density of the stink. I suppose I'd have noticed the moose wandering into the room before it dropped dead, but that's beside the point!

Ah, well. Maybe there's a dead thing in the wall. If so, I hope it gets a move on with the whole rotting and decaying business so the stench goes away.

In any case, welcome to the blog. If you were wondering why I named it as I did, well then you haven't been to my home, because you'd have no reason to question me then. Wow, this is great therapy.

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